Athletes and Acupuncture

Athletes both take better care of and abuse their bodies more than most people. On one hand, athletes usually work hard to reach a peak performance level, but on the other hand, athletes have also been known to push themselves too hard and either injure themselves or become vulnerable to injury. Luckily, bodies that are in excellent physical condition tend to heal quicker than those that are out of shape.

However, every day of training lost is difficult for someone who thrives on movement and physical activity, so even an injury that heals quickly can be difficult. Acupuncture and massage can play an important role in keeping athletes healthy and active. Common sports injuries have been successfully treated with acupuncture for many years and the benefits of massage for athletes is well known. Most professional sports teams have highly trained massage therapists on staff.

People who play amateur sports in order to remain healthy and strong can benefit from regular massage and/or acupuncture treatments as much as professionals. Just as you participate in athletic activities so that your body can operate a optimal levels, you should take care to avoid injury. Developing an on-going relationship with an acupuncturist will help you keep your body functioning in the most efficient way.

Some of the most common sports related injuries that acupuncture has been proven to treat successfully are tennis elbow, shin splints, muscle strain, foot pain, rotator cuff injuries and many other conditions that put normally active people out of commission.

As an athlete himself, Wayne Stephens is familiar with the aches and pains that can go along with intense physical activity. As a highly trained practitioner of both acupuncture and massage therapy, he also understands how to help people stay on the field, on the track, in the gym or in the pool.

No matter your sport or the level of your training, staying fit and healthy will keep you doing what you love to do. Take extra time to learn the benefits of acupuncture and massage so that you can keep playing – pain free.