Importance of exercise and weight training

Importance of exercise and weight training

By GT Gangte

It is 2012, The Age of Information and Gadgets. I am assuming most of us are somewhat aware of the benefits of proper exercise and proper nutrition. There is so much information and methods available for different segments of people, whether it be yoga, aerobics, weight training, martial arts and all the other forms of exercise and activities. Trainers, therapists, pundits, gurus, masters, coaches and the medical field would agree upon the positive effects of exercise/strength training. Some of the noted benefits include:

*Best anti-aging defense and confidence booster
*Increased strength and endurance building a leaner physique
*Build bone density and fight osteoarthritis
*Release of endorphins, serotonin, L-dopamine
*Maintain mobility and flexibility
*Help de-stress and fight inflammation in the body
*The list goes on and on….Ok!! (You might be thinking….ok nothing enlightening, so far. What do I want to share?)

Here goes! All of you, who have been exercising or in some way have kept active, are in for a wonderful affirmation. I was recently introduced to a book, “Younger Next Year.” The chapter and content that really lit my light bulb was, The Biology of Strength Training, specifically, the terms, C-6 and C-10. This Pearl of Wisdom for me has taken me to new heights in my approach to fitness and exercise. I smile and challenge myself to let it burn, baby burn, when I workout!

*C is short for Cytokines….What is cytokines?
*It’s the protein that controls inflammation
*It is the messenger molecule that regulates every aspect of your biology. They virtually turn on and off all the metabolic pathways to each cell.
*What is C-6 and C-10?
*C-6 is the master chemical for inflammation (decay)
*C-10 is the master chemical for growth and repair
*How does C-6 and C-10 work?
*C-6 is produced in both the muscle cell and bloodstream in response to exercise, and C-10 is produced in response to C-6. This is your body’s brilliant mechanism for coupling decay and growth!
This is a massive simplification of the process but I hope you get the idea. Now that we have that background, let’s set the scenario.
So the goal is to experience muscle soreness/adaptive micro-trauma which is critical to your growth and health. This is why you have to sweat when you do aerobic exercise; at low level demands, your endurance cells alternate too much to get fatigued. This is also why you have to push to the point of muscle fatigue with weights–to reach that burning feel….to release the C-10. (It’s like turning the afterburners on a jet.) Let it burn…Its only making you stronger physically and mentally.
Lastly, strength training creates an intimate connection between your body and your brain. The neural impulses to create coordination and power, fire a trail through your neural circuits. Your brain can activate any combination of those motor units to perform specific movements. That’s what gives you the ability to lift, dance, jump, spin…!
In conclusion; the next time you are exercising and feeling fatigued, or just not in the mood, just push yourself a few more reps, few more minutes…engage that C-10 to release. Psych yourself to visualize the flow of oxygen and energy throughout your body. Remind yourself…you are not only building a better physique and brain interaction, but a healthier and a younger body from the cellular level. Imagine it as remodeling each room of your house…by the time your project is done you have a new, better, stronger remodeled home!
I hope this helps in putting a motivating perspective on something all of us have already been doing. Please take caution, evaluate where you are and progress accordingly! We want microscopic muscle trauma, good stress…not muscle injury.
Have an awesome day…well, make it an awesome day! Live inspired! See it, Feel it, Be it!
GT Gangte
GT Fitness Studio