Your First Appointment

What You Should Know About Your First Appointment

Some people are anxious about their first appointment. Here is what you need to know:

1. It won’t hurt. If you are afraid of pain associated with needles, stop worrying. It won’t hurt.

2. The majority of your first appointment will be about diagnosis. A big part of the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine comes from the accuracy of the diagnosis. Wayne will want to spend some time talking to you, looking at you, and listening to or feeling of the effected areas on your body.

3. Wear comfortable clothing. You need to be relaxed during your treatment, whether that treatment involves acupuncture, massage, herbal formulas or a mixture of techniques. Comfortable clothing is a good first step in becoming relaxed.

4. You may want to jot down any questions that occur to you prior to your appointment. Sometimes it is easy to forget what you wanted to ask when you get there!

Remember, there are several branches of TCM, so your treatment plan may consist of acupuncture, massage, herbal formulas, qi gong or some combination of those treatments. Wayne will set forth a plan that uses whatever methods will most effectively alleviate your discomfort and return you to optimal, balanced health.