SAAT Protocol. What is it?

SAAT is a single procedure that often completely clears or significantly (80-90%) reduces a very specific health concern.

As you may know, Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of the most challenging cities to live in with allergies (AAFA). SAAT can offer relief for seasonal allergies as well as other environmental allergies.

Both western and eastern doctors agree that allergic responses of all kinds develop from an overly sensitive, “malfunctioning” immune system. While western doctors mainly address allergies by suppressing the immune response, eastern medicine, in this case, SAAT, works to address the immune system’s negative response to an allergen.

SAAT essentially “reprograms” your immune system to stop over reacting to allergens. If the body has the ability and power to develop the overactive immune response, it has the ability to reverse it as well.

Dr. Wayne Stephens, L.Ac was trained in Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment by Dr. Nader Soliman, a pioneer in auricular acupuncture, who completed years of clinical study on thousands of allergy sufferers. Through his refined method of SAAT, individuals now experience elimination or severe reduction in their allergy symptoms.

Most people with mild or moderate allergic reactions benefit tremendously from this technique. However, at The Wellness Tree we follow the recommendations of Dr. Soliman for patients with severe anaphylactic reactions to substances – they may be treated with SAAT but the strong suggestion is to continue to avoid exposure if possible. The SAAT treatment may help to minimize symptoms of accidental exposure to such substances.

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