Chinese Herbal Formulas

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) requires the treatment of patients’ whole selves. In other words, when you go to a practitioner of TCM, your mind, body and spirit will be taken into account. Wayne Stephens is a certified practitioner of TCM and, while that includes being an Acupuncturist, it also means that Wayne will consider other methods of treatment when necessary.

Frequently, the best treatment is acupuncture, massage or an herbal formula; or, it might be a combination of methods. Occasionally, a patient will come in expecting acupuncture, when in fact, the most appropriate treatment would be an herbal formula. Wayne is highly trained in the preparation and use of herbal formulas. TCM herbal formulas are different from the herbal treatments most Westerners are familiar with, and they are balanced in such a way that there are rarely side effects.

Western herbalists usually choose to use one or two herbs, but through the long history of TCM, practitioners have refined and honed herbal formulas to consist of blends of several, or sometimes many, herbs together. The formulas are balanced, so that conditions are treated while side effects are non-existent or minimal. If your diagnoses calls for the use of an herbal formula, Wayne will explain your treatment carefully, taking into account your condition and personal situation and answering any questions you may have.

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Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbal formulas are used to treat a wide range of conditions safely. In some cases traditional Chinese herbs can be used to treat conditions Western medicine has yet to establish effective treatments for; such as infertility. Other conditions that can be successfully treated with herbal formulas include:

  • respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis
  • gastrointestinal conditions like chronic heart burn or constipation
  • anxiety or depression
  • gynecological problems including PMS or painful cycles
  • thyroid conditions
  • urological issues such as urinary tract infections or prostatitis
  • headaches
  • back or neck pain

Anyone, regardless of gender, age or condition can use Chinese herbal formulas safely. They have been developed over thousands of years and continue to be rigorously tested, and are both gentle and effective. Wayne is a highly trained practitioner and skilled in diagnosing and prescribing the best herbal formula to treat your condition.