Eamon Hosey, LMT

Eamon Hosey graduated from UTC in 2011 with a B.S. in Exercise Science. After completing this degree he went through massage therapy school to hone his palpation skills before applying to Physical Therapy School. During this time he also worked as a PT tech and Liftteam tech at Erlanger and started to realize that his true passion was working more in prevention vs rehab. He has worked a multitude of sport events with the A Team massage group and has worked as a massage therapist for the past 7 years locally and has had training in NMT, Medical massage, reflexology, Tui Na, sound therapy, hot stone, Table Top Thai. Currently Eamon is currently going back to school for Acupuncture and is looking forward to expanding his medical knowledge into more eastern modalities of healing.

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Massage & Accupunture

Acupuncture makes use of channels of energy that flow through the body in a known pattern. The channels are called meridians; the energy is referred to as Qi. An oversimplified way to think of acupuncture is to compare it to how your blood moves through your veins. Just as a bruise forms when your blood pools and does not flow in your veins properly, health problems result when Qi cannot move through your body as it should.

Many people see dramatic results very quickly, especially for pain management, but acupuncture is not a magical cure-all. Sometimes numerous treatments are necessary, and sometimes a combination of different types of treatments and dietary changes will be the best way to provide relief. A thoroughly trained, professional practitioner will be able to diagnose and guide you through the best treatment plan for your problem.