When you suffer from frequent, intense headaches your choices are often limited. There are pain medications with all of their various side effects and risks. Sometimes nothing works. Debilitating pain can disrupt your life. If you cannot move, tolerate light or sound and endure extreme nausea, how can you play with your children, work, enjoy your friends or go about the business of living?

Although there are many causes of headaches generally, people who report having them frequently usually either have tension headaches or migraines. In both cases, acupuncture can be helpful, particularly for people who have “tried everything.” If your headaches do not respond to pain killers or you simply don’t like taking them, schedule a consultation with Wayne to investigate whether or not acupuncture might help you.

Most of the time, acupuncture treatments are administered during regular appointments rather than during a migraine attack. There are techniques that can lessen the pain during an episode as well should a headache occur just before or during an appointment. Besides lessening the frequency and intensity of episodes, most patients find that acupuncture provides relief for long periods of time after the initial series of treatments.

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Other aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may be useful in treating headaches as well. Wayne develops individual plans, tailored to the needs of each of his patients, based on a thorough consultation and diagnoses. You may also need herbal supplements, massage or acupressure to eradicate headaches.

Multiple recent studies have shown that acupuncture is a safe and effective method of treatment for headache pain. There are few, if any, side effects, especially when the treatments are administered by a carefully trained and fully licensed acupuncturist like Wayne. If you are missing out on life due to the pain of headaches, why wouldn’t you try acupuncture?