Neck Pain

One of my absolute favorite things to treat. Why? Because I feel like I can make a difference in your life if this is the reason for your discomfort and dis-ease. One of my favorite points on the body is Bai Lao. Why you may ask? Because of one the meaning of the name and two the location. Bai Lao means, one hundred wastings. Meaning that this is were the one hundred causes of disease will strike. What are the 100 causes of disease? Stress. Simple as that. This is an extra point in Chinese medicine, meaning it is not actually one of the 365 acupuncture points that is on one of the 12 main meridians. No matter, there are a lot of these points. We call them extra. Wow. Extra really, yes. Anyway, I find it fascinating that it was so common some few thousand years ago that people had enough stress in there life that it was noticed that pain on a lot of people will accumulate here. Think about that for a second. People from a few thousand years ago had stress and it caused them neck pain.

Right there in the same place that we get it. Amazing, maybe we aren’t so different from our ancestors after all. Lesson learned, everyone has stress. It is part of the human condition. We think, and so I am stressed. This Should be the actual motto of the human race. Neck pain, in this case from one cause. In this case I am picking out stress. But the point will work for most cervical conditions and no worries if your condition isn’t from stress. I’ve got other acupuncture points that can help. But hopefully you find the point well taken. You have a pain, limited range of motion, just some nagging discomfort. We’ve got a point for it. We can treat it. We can help you feel better and not only feel better but have your body work better. So you can actually turn your head around and look out the window while you’re driving to just double check that blind spot. Making the world a safer place one needle at a time.