Rick McIntyre, CN BCHN

Rick is a 1996 graduate of the American Health Science University. In 2007, Rick passed the board exam to be a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Currently, Rick‘s transcripts are held at Huntington College in Knoxville, Tennessee.

He has been the store Nutritionist at Lori’s Natural Foods in Rochester, New York and a Wellness Educator at Natur-Tyme, a large health food store in Syracuse, New York. More recently, Rick owned his own private practice, Natural Solutions in Marcellus, New York. For 6 years, he consulted with clients on health issues such as diabetes, weight loss, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol, fibromyalgia and thyroid health.. Rick is a trained kinesiologist, using NRT and QRA protocols to analyze the week organs and gland of the body.

Rick‘s interest in natural health started in 1988, when he was diagnosed with a high blood pressure problem. He didn’t want to take medications, so he started studying natural health and cured his high blood pressure with diet and life style changes.

Rick moved to Chattanooga last July to be near his daughter and to restart his nutrition practice in a warmer climate. Rick says that “the body is always trying to heal itself, all we have to do is help it”.

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Acupuncture makes use of channels of energy that flow through the body in a known pattern. The channels are called meridians; the energy is referred to as Qi. An oversimplified way to think of acupuncture is to compare it to how your blood moves through your veins. Just as a bruise forms when your blood pools and does not flow in your veins properly, health problems result when Qi cannot move through your body as it should.

Many people see dramatic results very quickly, especially for pain management, but acupuncture is not a magical cure-all. Sometimes numerous treatments are necessary, and sometimes a combination of different types of treatments and dietary changes will be the best way to provide relief. A thoroughly trained, professional practitioner of TCM will be able to diagnose and guide you through the best treatment plan for your problem.