The question of how often

The question of how often to get massage therapy comes up quite often.

Massage therapy is a proven, noninvasive way of reducing chronic stress levels in the body.  During a financial crisis, chronic illness or family emergencies, it is not always the event alone, but rather your body’s response that causes stress.  Your heart rate and blood pressure rise and your muscles tighten – having a detrimental effect on the body.  Massage helps you relax, calming the mind and body and relieving your stress.

Massage for General Health and Relaxation

For general health and relaxation, massages are recommended 1-2 times per month for people under light to moderate stress as well as those with sedentary life styles.  A massage allows your body and mind to relax, shifting your thoughts away from everyday worries.  Receiving massage therapy once or twice per month also helps you feel more in control of your health, playing an active role in manage chronic illnesses.

Massage for Pain Reduction and Stress Management

Massage therapy helps with conditions that affect your state of mind, including stress, depression and anxiety.  For constant travelers or those with high-stress occupations or living conditions, a higher frequency of massage therapy – weekly or bi-weekly is recommended.

Extended activation of the stress response causes muscles throughout the body to remain in a heightened tensed state.  This persistent tightening of muscles often leads to joint aches and pains, headaches and chronic back and neck pain.  Regular massage therapy treatments can help relax tight and painful muscles, improve range of motion in the joints, enhance circulation and lower your overall stress levels.  Most people look forward to their weekly sessions, leaving with a renewed sense of calm and wellbeing.

Massage Therapy for Immune and Digestive System Improvement

When responding to chronic stress, the body conserves energy by suppressing the digestive and immune systems.  This decreased immune system activity increases the risk of colds, flus and immune system diseases.  Problems with digestion and elimination may also accompany chronic stress. Routine massage therapy aids in the restoration of normal circulation and improved immune and digestive system function.